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Before arriving at the studio kindly review our CDC advised, Covid-19 conscious safety guidelines below.
We are being very cautious about returning to the Fitness Figures studio. We know that many of our clients are not comfortable with being out and about just yet, for many reasons.
These guidelines have been submitted to Nassau County Department of Health and must be followed in order for us to stay open. 
As recommended by the office of the governor, we are phasing in our reopening activities with adjusted hours to allow for enhanced cleaning procedure and to allow for operational issues to be resolved before our activities return to normal levels.  We were also advised to limit the hours of operation when first reopening so as to provide operations with the ability to adjust to the changes.
  1. Only members and employees will be allowed in the studio area.  Mail and other deliveries will continue to be placed in the common hallway in the labeled bin.
  2. Before entering the lobby, secure your mask over both nose and mouth.  Members may temporarily be permitted to remove face coverings while taking a sip of water so long as they maintain six feet of distance from other individuals.
  3. Upon entering the studio, please utilize the provided hand sanitizer.  There are additional hand sanitizers placed on the window sills throughout the circuit.
  4. Please fill out a new waiver regarding COVID-19, as well as a questionnaire.  No one will be permitted to begin their work out without this paperwork on file.  There are new pens located by the waivers and questionnaires.  Please take these pens with you.  Do not place them back in the box.
  5. Our "check-in" scanner has been moved to the far end of the desk so that members are not congregating at the door.  Everyone must check in with a key tag.  If you don't have one, we will provide you with a new one.  If you lose the newly issued key tag, there is a replacement fee of $5.00 for a new one.  This is the tracking process that we have submitted to Nassau County and we must enforce this process.  Each time you check in to the studio with your key-tag, you are reaffirming that there has been no change to your health status as stated on the questionnaire you signed.
  6. Plexi-glass dividers have been placed at the front desk to shield members and employees from each other.  Follow the guides on the lobby floor and maintain a 6ft distance from your fellow member.  Only one person is allowed in the cubby/coat area at a time.
  7. We have provided boxes of "sticky wrap" sheets for you to place on your hands so that your skin does not come in contact with the handles.  No more than five (5) people will be allowed on the circuit at any time to ensure social distancing.  Always keep a minimum of three circuit stations between you and another person.
  8. We are able to continue to provide bottled water to our members.  Use the "sheets" in the dispenser box located on top of the refrigerator when opening the water refrigerator.  Touch only the bottle you are taking for yourself.  Do not put anything in to the water refrigerator such as personal foods etc..
  9. Follow the arrows and only go in a "counter clockwise" direction on the circuit.  Do not skip any machines unless you are still able to maintain the mandated distance.  If you are not able to use a particular machine due to an injury, and moving to the next machine puts you closer than the distance allowed, stay in front of that machine and march in place or stretch until you are able to proceed to the next station.
  10. Plexi-glass barriers have been placed between each of our cardio machines (bikes, treadmills, and elliptical) so that none of the machines had to be blocked from use.  When exiting the cardio machines please make sure that no one else is in the aisle so that you maintain a safe distance from the other members.  When exiting the studio after your work out, please use the door that goes directly to the hallway to exit the building.  If you need to get your coat or other possessions from the cubby area, make sure that no one else is in the aisle , proceed to the cubby area then exit through the hallway door way.
  11. Keep any tissues or paper towels, used for your personal use, on your person and DO NOT place your used tissues or towels on any machine.  We have placed additional covered, pedal activated, waste cans in the circuit area.
  12. We will use protection on surfaces as deemed necessary and will use cleaning products recommended by medical professionals, EPA, and CDC.
  13. The cardio and circuit machines will be cleaned continuously throughout our hours of operation.  Since the nature of the circuit doesn't allow for employees and members to clean down each piece of equipment right after each use, please use the "sticky" sheets provided, on your hands so your hands do not come in contact with any of the handles.  We also advise you use sanitizer and keep your hands away from your face.  Unfortunately we can no longer allow you to use the classroom to stretch and workout on your own.  Since we are only able to run at 33% of capacity, each member is limited to no more than 60 minutes at a time inside Fitness Figures.
  14. The virtual classes have been so great for our clients.  We also added videos of the classes on our website.  The convenience of working out at home is a nice benefit.  We think that the combination of online and in-person will be the way to go in the future and will continue to have online classes as we move back in to the studio..
  15. The pubic bathroom in our building is cleaned several times during the day.  Since we cannot guarantee that it is totally germ free every moment, we are strongly suggesting that clients try to use their home restroom prior to coming into the studio, if possible.  We will offer hand sanitizer in the case that you would need to use the restroom.
  16. We will maintain a "contactless" policy concerning payment methods.  Payments can only be made through our monthly electronic EFT system.  For other non-scheduled payments such as class packages, we can send you a PayPal invoice.  You can make this secure payment with a credit card and we never have your number on file.
Class Occupancy Back in the Studio:
At this time, we are not holding any classes in the studio.  We will continue with our virtual classes and may possibly add some outdoor classes.
Please be patient with us during this time as we try to work out all of the kinks that this new normal will bring us. Thank you to all of the students that continued to support us with zoom classes, and buying packages.  As always, we appreciate your support and understanding and cannot wait to be with you all in-studio again.
 We are so excited to see you again and help you in any way.  Try to have fun! Smile, laugh and play!


Getting Here:

North side of Jericho Turnpike, between Roslyn Road and Glen Cove Road.

Our Address:

166 East Jericho Turnpike

Mineola NY 11501


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Monday-Thursday 6:30am-6pm

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Saturday 8am-1pm

Sunday- Closed

Hours subject to change


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