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Class Descriptions 
Body Sculpting: Effective multi-level class designed to sculpt and shape the body using free weights, bands, and floor exercises.  Balance, strength and flexibility come together to create a lean, streamlined body through functional strength exercises.
Cardio Sculpt: A challenging workout to get your blood flowing using a combination of cardiovascular exercises weights and other props to improve strength, balance and core. Set in an interval-type pattern of exercising, where cardio is mixed with weight-training exercises.
Core Strength: Similar to Pilates, it requires no prior experience. It is designed to organically flow from one movement to another and results in greater efficiency of movement, improved body control, balance and stability.
Pilates: a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed a century ago by Joseph Pilates. It is designed to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, improve flexibility and promote long, lean muscles without adding bulk.  For those of you who wish to streamline your figure, improve your flexibility, balance and posture then Pilates is for you. "In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a new body"     - Joseph H. Pilates
Stretch: When done properly, stretching does more than just increase flexibility. The benefits of stretching include: enhanced physical fitness, increased mental and physical relaxation, enhanced development of body awareness, reduced risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons, reduced muscular soreness, reduced muscular tension.  Even those who stretch do not always stretch properly.  This class will show you how to properly perform stretches and to avoid some of the most common mistakes made when stretching.

Barre: This class requires you to wear socks. 

Inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, Body Sculpting, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body and reach muscles in ways that few other workouts can."

This full-body workout also focuses on coordination, balance, agility and flexibility. The classes are slightly varied each week incorporating props such as gliders, light free weights, large stability balls, small mini balls, resistance bands, foam rollers and more.

Some benefits of barre workouts include: increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved endurance, low impact - gentle on the joints, better posture, better balance and coordination.

Yoga has been shown to increase muscle tone and flexibility, improve posture, alleviate muscle pain and tension, decrease stress and improve metabolic function – aiding in weight loss and decreasing fatigue.   We offer the following styles of yoga:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: is a faster approach to the practice of yoga and will encourage students to link conscious breath with mindful flow.  All levels of practice are encouraged to take this class as modifications will be offered.

Gentle Yoga:  is a slower and softer approach to the ancient mind/body practice of yoga.  Modifications will be offered, and proper posture is demonstrated in order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey to inner peace, stress reduction and improved flexibility.


Getting Here:

North side of Jericho Turnpike, between Roslyn Road and Glen Cove Road.

Our Address:

166 East Jericho Turnpike

Mineola NY 11501


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Monday-Thursday 6:30am-6pm

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Saturday 8am-1pm

Sunday- Closed

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